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July 14, 2016
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Working out can be really boring sometimes if, I’ve got to perform difficult exercising postures and if those exercises fail to raise my interest in them…!! After looking up for various techniques and medicines, I found something really promising and innovative in terms of their very own schedule.Dance is the language of soul and mind, which conveys very strong emotion linked to the inner conscience of a person.

It is really refreshing and a good way to burn calories, release happy hormones, strengthens body cores and helps in the overall toning of muscles! One such product that I found to be really promising than others is, Beachbody‘s CIZE…


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Beachbody is about to show you how to dance your way to fit in just 30 days!Let loose as you learn the hottest, best professionally choreographed cize dance workouts.You won’t feel any cramps about working out this way, while learning new steps and moves and having a blast dancing, whereas you’ll actually be burning fat and losing weight.CIZE is “the end of dance exercise’’.

In each routine, instructor Shaun T and crew bring the dance studio to you, to teach you real choreographed dance workout, broken into small sections and build into a full dance sequence in just 30-45 minutes.Break the moves step-by-step, as you go. Learn new steps, repeat them until you’re comfortable, put a sequence together. Customise steps according to your choice of song and event; here you give a mind-blowing and a performance with the best steps choreographed by your very own workout expert Shawn T.


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LEVEL 1 :-

CRAZY 8’S:- A 35 minute session of dance and sweating. Perform the complete routine to the song HANDS IN THE AIR originally recorded by Timbaland.

YOU GOT THIS:- Pick up the pace with new moves and steps. Perform the routine to the song TREASURE by Bruno Mars.



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FULL OUT:- ready to get winded in this, over-the-top, all out dance routine. After completing which you perform the whole schedule on LOSE MY BREATH recorded by Destiny’s Child.

IN THE POCKET:- now your confidence level seems to have taken a height, which enables you to try out these new challenging moves ahead. Steps set to the song PROBLEM, by Ariana Grande.

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GO FOR IT: by now you should have developed love for CIZE dance and its daily routine of dancing. Now you’d be dancing with a lot more ease and energy.Which enables you to perform on the song PASS THAT DUTCH originally recorded by Missy Elliot.

LIVIN’ IN THE 8’S: CIZE dance workout can teach anyone to dance-any style-any-pace-to type of music. The final routine is a complete dance experience, with an emotional finale to CHANDELIER, originally recorded by Sia. It’s time to dance and live.


Beachbody.com :- 3 monthly payment of $19.95 plus $12.75 s&h. you can also select for single time payment while checkout. Another scheme of 30- day money back guarantee, with 4.4 star user rating out of

  •  3 Dance work-outs dvds
  • This work-out in any other studio might have cost you well over $60, but with CIZE, you get
  • 6 for just 3 payments of $19.95
 4 free bonuses :-
  • Get started guide.
  • Eat up meal plan.
  • Beginner and advanced calendar.
  • 8 count Abs workout.
  • 30 day money-back guarantee. I feel like any company that is confident in their product will give you a guarantee like this.
  • It was affordable. Many other programs I read on the Internet mention costly machines or devices. Who buys that stuff? CIZE was 3 payments a month of $19.95 and the shipping and handling. That’s it.
  • Well choreographed dance routines. You honestly feel like you’re in a music video, which is really awesome.
  • 6 courses that progress you through. This is a huge plus in my book. Step-by-step, you get each move, which means you never feel like you’re doing something you aren’t sure of. It starts out with “Crazy 8s” and Timbaland and moves on to Full out and Destiny’s Child, until finally, you’re on the 6th course, dancing all out to Sia’s Chandelier.
  • A lot of awesome additional materials like a getting started guide that’s informative, a meal plan with easy recipes, and a calendar to keep up with your progress.
  • 24/7 support online.
  • Ordering from the website was quick and hassle-free.
  • Shaun is clearly comfortable teaching people how to dance and get fit at the same time. He has a great personality and a long history in the dance community.
  •  This goes without saying, and it’s not really a con, but you do have to put in the work if you want to see results. And you have to work harder than you may be used to. This is not some magic program that you can put minimal effort into and expect to obtain the physique you want.
  •  Diet is a huge part of losing weight and getting in shape, and this is the hardest part for most people. You have to be prepared to make certain sacrifices with your food intake. Not that you can’t still enjoy your favourite foods (you certainly can), but you will have to be more conscious of what you’re eating and keep the junk food to a minimum.


I fully expected this to be a rehash of hip-hop Abs, but this goes way beyond just the normal dance routine. The cardio component is off the charts because doing moves to a musical beat makes you try harder and to keep up. That means work-out resulting in a flop-sweat.

Give the credit where it is due, for dance fitness I highly doubt there is anything out there that could keep up with CIZE dance. Despite being an amazing package, I doubt this will make it past 5 years before a modern revision is needed to keep up with changing trends. But then again, that also provides new product for the market and new business model for new products.

If you’re the kind of person who isn’t comfortable tapping into your long-lost groove then you might want to give a pass on CIZE. Also, if you don’t have a private place to learn and the kids are running around then straight up forget about it. Thi takes concentration in solitude.

If you’re the kind of person who just loves to dance (even badly) then I simply cannot recommend CIZE high enough. It’s all the benefits of Insanity with bonus of learning a new skill.


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