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What is Kitty Shack? 

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Kitty Shack is a blanket bed for small pets like cats and dogs. It can be used as a mat, a quaint little blanket/bed all in one. Unlike all other numerous different items meant for cats, it really stands out enough to be noticed. It is a 2-in-1 item. This item is manufactured by Allstar Products Group, an originally located in New York that makes various “as seen on TV” items. It is basically a mat that transforms into a tube bed, and it keeps your pets off the furniture while giving them an open bed. It also helps them to stay warm and comfortable even on days when the temperatures are low. It likewise looks extremely smart and fits any home with a normal or a stylistic theme, and it is unaffected by frequent use. It doesn’t wear out easily. Kitty Shack is one of those items that would get any cat owner feel great for the purpose it serves saving them from a huge menace. They can also be used for dogs or other pets that are small and can fit in it.


How Does Kitty Shack Work?

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Kitty Shack spreads up as a mat that is secured in a material that is wooly on one of the sides and smooth on the other one. Its measurements are 35X22, so it permits no less than one pet to lie on it easily. Inside it has a layer of thermo reflective material, which traps in the body warmth of the pet and reflects it, keeping it warm for a long time. In any case, a zipper that ties the shorter sides permits it to be transformed into a tube bed, which is sufficiently straight to keep its shape even in after being washed. It is additionally exceptionally lightweight, so it can be put anywhere, where the pet can be kept from wandering off. The wooly surface draws in pet hair and prevents the hair from spreading in the home, so kitty shack deluxe has the capacity to enhance the lives of both pets and their owners. The smooth side of Kitty Shack for cats is accessible in 2 colours, warm chestnut and panther print, however the cushioned side is usually cream in colour.

Where can I buy Kitty Shack?


This Kittyshack mat/bed is accessible on the popular e-commerce websites. It is sold at around $19 in many stores, and the best deal appears to be offered on the official site, which is priced at $14.95. This wouldn’t mean much given that the $6.95 shipping charge more than compensates for the markdown, however in the same value it includes a second item for which the customer will just pay an additional $4.95 towards transportation expenses. The aggregate cost is $26.85 (which is significantly less than what purchasing 2 mats in a store on through Amazon would cost). Sometimes the customers need to wait for over a month to get the product unless they pay extra for a quicker delivery, so getting it from a store might be a wiser choice for those who want it delivered quickly and are in a rush. Still, the site offers some different points of interest that are not accessible in stores, like the 30 day cash back assurance (the cash back doesn’t include transportation cost) and the choice of picking a thicker material for the mats at an additional $5 charge for every item. Likewise, for an expense of $2.95, the item will be delivered to your doorstep in 3-5 days and it will be secured by transportation assurance, which implies that if it arrives with a damage or gets to be lost in transit it will be replaced in 2 days.

Also, ordering from the site will come with a free 12 month membership of Money Magazine. This wouldn’t be an issue, since the membership doesn’t renew later and the customers won’t be charged any undesirable expenses. They can even quit accepting the magazine whenever by essentially cancelling off the membership. Amid the initial 30 days after submitting a request the customers can wipe out the membership and request a discount for the product.

What are the features of kitty shack?



  • Unique tunnel design provides a cozy cave for kitty to lounge and play
  • Unzips to convert to a full-size cat mat in second i.e kitty shack 2 in 1.
  • Works like a magnet to trap hair and keep furniture fur-free.
  • A thermo-reflective core is a self-heating layer that reflects kitty’s body heat to keep them warm and toasty.
  • Electrostatic plush.
  • Features a thicker outer ring that will help tunnel stand up.
  • kitty shack bed is machine washable
  • Lightweight design
  • Large enough for small to medium dogs and cats

Kitty Shack is a decent decision for any cat or a dog, as the pets truly owner. The pets will truly appreciate it and it keeps their hair off furniture. It likewise has an extremely reasonable cost when compared to other items of the same type, so it’s certainly justified. Cats love curling up in corners. What cat can oppose such a fascinating mystery hideaway? She’ll feel sheltered and secured while cuddled up there, as well. Little cats will appreciate playing peek-a-boo in the fluffy tube. Unfasten and unfurl for a full-length rich bed that feels warm and comfortable even on cool kitchen floors or other drafty spots.

What are the advantages?

advantages of kitty sack-seenontvonline

Strangely, cats appear to like Kitty Shack. In any case, as all cat owners (and lovers) know, these pets think in an unexpected way. Everything has a place with them, particularly their owners’ quaint little beds and other things, and they will pick the top choices they like. But most cats really like Kitty Shack, and they prefer it to other different surfaces or beds. Most of the clients are exceptionally satisfied, as the item does exactly what it says, which is keeping the pets’ hair off beds, couches and covers. It can be set in any place where the pet typically rests. What’s more, the mat additionally makes a strange noise when stepped on, most likely as a result of the thermo reflective material which will help in grabbing their attention. Its is the best way to bell the cats purr-fectly.


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