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What Is Hip Hop Abs? 

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The Hip Hop Abs workouts last from 24-45 minutes. The slow downs and stretching exercises are over in in a less time. The dancing system compels you to focus on the movements alone, keeping in mind how different workouts exhaust you down with time and are redundant.

Shaun t hip hop abs keeps you drawn in and vivified all through. It’s a less demanding workout program .You likewise get a 30 day workout logbook that is anything but difficult to keep and keeps you responsible.Along with a nutrition guide that truly comes handy, and as to further track your outcomes, you will get a tape and a measurement card. Additionally, now you can now stream it with the new Beach-body On Demand service.

Does hip hop abs work?


Given that it is a cardio dance regime, numerous folks from the health business would give you the eye when you specify Hip Hop abs. Also, not at all like Zumba and comparable half-serious exercises, Hip Hop abs is made with the reason to focus on your core from huge number of angles, at the same time making it contract and release. Every move all through the workout is actuating the core in some way or the other. This records for the quick drop in size around your guts. Let us be practical  here-unless you are sufficiently willing to really break sweat, doing the 30 days workout in succession won’t help you lose even an inch. You will need to maintain the timetable obviously for majority of your endeavour and attempt to apply the rules of diet from the nutrition guide.

They prompt you on particular dishes to eat, and mix of suppers to set up, that are going to accelerate your progress and make your abs more visible. The food plan is eating solid items and ensuring your body gets all the vital supplements it needs with a specific end goal to repair the muscle tissue hence making it burn more fat and improve tone. If in case you are new to solid eating regimen and diet, then by all methods go through the book thoroughly – it is short, gives diet formulas that are anything but difficult to follow, and you may even end up changing your dietary patterns.

What is the hip hop abs calendar?


Ab sculpt:-

Ab sculpt is an assemblage of some truly unique core fortifying activities. The moves are to some degree complex when you attempt them, yet it will only take a couple of reiterations to get tuned in to the team. That being said, they are genuinely simple to follow. You will feel your abs fixed a couple of hours after you finish the workout. Towards the end, Shaun makes use of the C-sit position and this is the place you will need to put in some genuine additional effort. The entire workout goes on for 24 minutes along with the stretches in the end.

hip hop abs fat burning cardio :- 

Fat burning cardio is a full body workout, and when contrasted with the various schedules it certainly is the most unique one. You will sweat more and actuate your whole body simultaneously. You have your warm up, then some light stretches, and an exceptionally captivating and fun routine follows. Another stretch toward the end, and there go your 30 minutes.

Hip buns and thighs:-

This one is going to condition your buttocks and thighs and acquaint you with more static developments. You will feel the fat burn at certain areas of your body. Squats, couple of variants of thrusts, and some single leg exercises on the floor for your butt and thighs are done in this workout. All the while, you are focusing on your thighs and your lower abs mostly.
length of the workout: 25 minutes.

Total body burn:-

This is the longest workout of the project, and to some degree harder than the rest. In any case, it is fundamentally the same as fat burning cardio, with the exemption that it concentrates much more on the lower portion of your body – thighs and lower abs. The cardio is far more highlighted in this than in hip buns and thighs.
Length of the workout: 42 minutes.

What’s hip hop abs results towards the end of your 30 days?


  1. Lose somewhere around 10 and 16 pounds
  2. Drop couple of inches from around the waist
  3. Tone your butt and legs, particularly thighs
  4. Nicely carved six pack, or if nothing else an extremely flat tummy
  5. A critical drop in muscle to fat ratio
  6. Enhanced cardio
  7. Simple schedules
  8. Lot of fun






The system is exceptionally well made. The camera direction permits you to see all the moves from a couple of angles, making the workouts less demanding to follow. Shaun T takes you through each development, and being a great teacher, you feel as if he is your hip hop fitness
coach. The sets themselves are awesome, and the environment always convinces you to go ahead and never give up.

What do I get with it? 

Hip hop abs-what-do-i-get-with-hip-hop-abs-seenontvonline

  • The workouts
  • The nutrition guide
  • A measurement card and a measurement tape
  • Some bonus footage with bonus dance moves
  • A 60 day money back guarantee
  • An additional 6 day slim down plan

hiphop abs is truly a great workout that will give you a long time of fun. It will condition your thighs and butt, lose belly fat quickly or even make your six pack prominent, making you lose good amount of weight.
What are some tips for the Hip Hop Abs consumers?

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Some valuable tips on the most effective method to get the most out of this workout, and stay away from committing mistakes:- 

1. What you will require beside the system is a water bottle and a towel. Do take a towel, to not wind up making a wreck of yourself.
2. A mat on the floor, or any other light material. Since the activities on the floor are typically static, all this will do.
3. Ventilate the room and lower the temperature if you can. Begin your workout for the day regardless of the fact that you are dead tired. What generally happens is that the music will make you move and Shaun T will inspire you to finish the entire length of the workout for the day. You will barely even notice the weariness once you begin to perform this workout.
4. Watch the recordings once before you begin working out. It’ll help you understand the moves and to organise your schedule in a better way.

What is The Hip Hop Abs Schedule like?

Hip hop abs-workouts-hip-hop-abs-seenontvonline

It goes on for four weeks. Towards the end of every week-Sunday-you are given a three day weekend. Each and every other day you need to do one workout. In the second cycle, you need to finish two workouts consecutively sometimes.

Here is  Hip Hop Abs – Lose Weight Dancing!

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